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Titanbit's main concern is the protection of user's funds and personal data.

In order to protect our customers and maintain trust, we have developed an internal security protocol.


Secure cold wallet to hold crypto-currencies


Even if the server is hacked, or seized, your coins are 100% safe. Deposits credit within an hour and withdrawals are processed manually, meaning they can take up to 24hrs. We also use 2FA (Two-factor authentication) and often send you a manual email confirmation for large withdrawals to ensure your account was not accessed against your knowledge. Just 4 employees can Deposit or Withdrawal your coins.


Duplication of backup data automatically


As soon as a new backup is ready (database, log files,...), it is sent to others servers in several physical locations.


Automatic backup of the database every 60 minutes


Every 60 minutes, the database is backed up, encrypted and compressed as an archive. The passwords of users it contains are encrypted.


FIAT deposits storage


All users' fiat currency funds are stored with our partner banks and payment processors on separate accounts than our operational. Just 4 employees can Deposit or Withdrawal your money.


Human Managed Security Protocol


All withdrawals of fiat or virtual currencies are manually reviewed and executed. This procedure exclude the possibility of automatically generated data manipulation by hacker intrusion or internal abuse. There are no fully automated procedures, and they require the approval of at least one or more persons responsible.




On every login and every new registration attempt a user need to insert captcha code.


Failed Login


A user can insert up to 3 wrong passwords. After third an account will be blocked for 10 minutes.


Access Control


Every user have unlimited access on user control panel with username, password and 2FA.


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